Session Fees

Individual session : 

£45.00  per 50 minute session                                                                     £65.00  per 90 minute session

Couples Counselling : £60.00  per 60 minute session

I do offer concessions for students and low incomes/unemployed - please do contact me for further information.  

Session fees are the same for evenings/weekends and during office hours.


This is a selection of testimonials from clients who have given permission for them to be shared in order to help others, only the forename is included to protect clients identity.

"I just wanted to say thank you for all our sessions and the time you gave me, having someone to just listen and actually understand helped me massively, your understanding and re thinking techniques to control my thought and addiction get used everyday, I am clean and feel like a completely different person, doesn't sound along time but I'm me again, I turned over the whole tree turning over a new leaf!  Thank you again!"


"If you find yourself thinking do I need therapy, then in my experience you definitely do! I have been a client of Katherine's for about 2 years and just enjoy everything in life much more now. I started with weekly sessions and now only have a check up session every 8 weeks.  Katherine is such a professional, non judgmental person with an empathetic manner. She really cares about your well being and happiness. Find the confidence to make one appointment for yourself and the people around you. The sessions are held at her house but in an extension with a private door which feels very private and comfortable."


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